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Jessica Dennis’ ‘Night of the Living Dread’ is ‘Perfection’

Posted on 28th July 2022

“it’s difficult to think of a more applicable word than perfection when it comes to Ida Melum’s 11-minute BAFTA-nominated animated short film Night of the Living Dread.”

Those are the words of film critic Richard Propes who reviewed Night of the Living Dread’ for The Independent Critic this week.

The stop motion short’s lead character, Ruby, is voiced by Jessica Dennis for who Richard went on to say… ‘Ruby is brought beautifully to life by Jessica Dennis, wringing all the psychological horror and comedy that she can out of this absolutely delightful 11-minute short film. She takes Ruby in multiple different directions as the story unfolds and we slowly realize exactly what’s going on. It’s rather delightful vocal work that dazzled me from beginning to end, Dennis managing to find all the wonderful little nuances here and always keeping us guessing what’s unfolding in this twisty little tale. So impressive is Dennis’s work that I found myself rushing over to IMDB to see what else she’d done.”

You can read the whole review here.

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