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David Holt and Lizzie Waterworth in ‘The Smeds & The Smoos’

Posted on 5th December 2022

David Holt and Lizzie Waterworth feature in the Christmas Day animated movie  ‘The Smeds & The Smoos’ which will be broadcast on BBC1 just before The Kings Speech.

Directed by Daniel Snaddon and Samantha Cutler, with dazzling animation by the wonderful team at Blue Zoo and a lovely story by Julia Donaldson – the message of which is: There is no “them and us”, only us.

Have a watch of the brilliant trailer here.

On a far-off planet, two families always avoid each other. The red Smeds never mix with the Smoos, who are blue, so when a chance encounter allows young Smed Janet to become friends with Bill, a young Smoo, their families immediately try to stop it. But Janet and Bill sneak out to meet up secretly and as they grow up they fall in love. When their families find out they could not be more horrified. So the desperate Janet and Bill sneak away to escape in the Smed’s red rocket to explore the universe together. Realising they’ve lost their children, Grandmother Smoo and Grandpa Smed are compelled to work together to try to find the young couple. Can the two clans discover how to get along? #TheSmedsAndTheSmoos, coming soon to #iPlayer and BBC One.

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