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Viss Elliot in ‘The Other Woman’ out now on Audible.

Posted on 11th December 2023

Viss Elliot Safavi is the voice of the title role in ‘The Other Woman,’ just released on Audible.

“What does she want from me?” A young Iranian immigrant panics as she’s being chased through the streets by an unknown blonde woman. When their two worlds collide, the answer to that question becomes increasingly unsettling in Afsaneh Grey’s The Other Woman, a bracingly unpredictable audio experience. The two women find they share similar struggles in a society that doesn’t see them…but as their relationship develops, what feels like liberation begins to shift into an all-too-familiar dynamic. The Other Woman is an enthralling erotic thriller that explores cycles of power and exploitation all the way to its unsettling conclusion.

Playwright Afsaneh Gray was awarded a commission through the Audible Emerging Playwrights Fund, an initiative dedicated to developing innovative original plays driven by language and voice. As an Audible-commissioned playwright, she received funding and creative support to develop The Other Woman.

This audio play contains strong language and deals with mature themes. Listener discretion advised.

Viss has recently filmed an upcoming period drama for Apple TV and is best known for her roles in DI Ray, Tehran, and Suspicion

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