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Rob Bell hosts ‘Sketchplanations The Podcast’

Posted on 10th January 2024

Rob Bell returns to produce and host series 2 of ‘Sketchplanations The Podcast.’

Sketchplanations The Podcast explores Big Ideas through Little Pictures – seeking to explain the world one sketch at a time.

Rob produces and hosts the series, joined by my 2 good friends; BBC Apprentice winner 2011 Tom Pellereau and professional creative Dr. Jono Hey.

In it, they cover all sorts of topics including science, behavioural economics, wellbeing, nature, psychology frameworks, business models, cognitive biases, and even domestic life-hacks.

Each episode drops on Thursday mornings with the previous 16 episodes from the first series available on all major podcast platforms.

In episode one of series two, the team discuss something called Dunbar’s Number – the typical number of people we can keep track of in our social network as discovered through scientific research.

Watch the trailer here

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