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Paul Keating in radio play ‘Kenny Morgan’ on BBC Radio 3

Posted on 19th June 2024

You can hear Paul Keating in the title role of ‘Kenny Morgan’ on BBC Radio 3 this Sunday at 8pm.

‘Kenny Morgan’ by Mike Poulton, is inspired by Terence Rattigan’s play The Deep Blue Sea, based on a real-life scenario of hopeless and destructive love in post war London.


Actor Kenny Morgan was awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ by the British film Industry in 1940, aged only twenty. He had a tremendous future ahead of him. A large and important part of which was as Rattigan’s clandestine lover for nearly ten years. Until Kenny met fellow actor who treated him badly and who was incapable of commitment or kindness.

1949. Kenny left Rattigan ten months previously and is living in a down at heel boarding house in Camden, quite a drop in circumstances from the lavish champagne life afforded him by his previous relationship. Yet Kenny is in love, totally, selflessly and self destructively.

The play shines a light in the dark corners of post war world of secrecy, curtain twitching, casual racism and internalised shame

Listen here.

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