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Lizzie Waterworth in ‘Isadora Moon’ on Sky Kids

Posted on 16th November 2023

Available on Sky Kids from tomorrow, Lizzie Waterworth voices ‘Miss Cherry’ the School Teacher and ‘Mignonette’ the tooth fairy in ‘Isadora Moon.’

Isadora Moon, half fairy, half vampire, totally unique! Isadora is every kid who has ever wondered how they fit in. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire, and she is a bit of both. Life as a fairy vampire offers the same challenges, opportunities and adventures that all young children experience- a visit to the dentist, a school trip, a birthday party, a family holiday. Of course an Isadora adventure always has a unique fairy vampire twist; floating cloud cars, moody mermaids, a vampire talent show, a melodramatic live-in ghost, messy glitter dragons, out of control playground slime or a visiting alien glow sprite.

Just like her human (and witch and wizard and fairy, and vampire and mermaid!) friends, Isadora strives for self-acceptance – whether it be showing bravery, helping her friends, taking responsibility or accepting her limitations, Isadora learns that she is capable of much more than she imagines.

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