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warhammer the prophet and the warlock

Silas Carson & Tim Whitnall in the new Warhammer Game!

You can hear both Silas Carson & Tim Whitnall in the new Warhammer game: The Prophet & The Warlock. Silas voices Tehenhauin and Tim lends his voice to Skink Captain 2. You can see the trailer, here. And read a glowing fan review of Silas’s performance, here.

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moomin valley image

Susie Brann in Moomin Valley

We’re delighted to announce that Susie Brann will be joining a stellar cast in the major new tv series Moomin Valley. Susie will be voicing the role of The Groke and Hemulen in the new adaptation of Tove Jansson’s classic stories. You can view the full cast, here. And hear Susie’s reels, here.

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Jessica Dennis

Welcome Jessica Dennis!

We’re very happy to welcome Jessica Dennis to Just Voices. Check out Jessica’s lively, natural voice, here.

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Chimerica Jane Perry

Jane Perry in Channel 4’s CHIMERICA

Jane is playing Liz in three episodes of CHIMERICA which is airing on Channel 4 from 17th April at 9 pm.

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hell boy image

Emma Tate Voices Baba Yaga in Hellboy

We’re very excited to announce that you can hear the brilliant Emma Tate in cinemas across the country in the new Hellboy movie. Emma lends her voice to the role of Baba Yaga. You can see the trailer, here.

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Rufus Jones

Home & 101 Dalmatian Street, Rufus Jones is busy!

We’re very proud of Rufus Jones, who has two excellent shows on your screens at the moment. He wrote and stars in Home on Channel 4 and voices Constantin in new animation 101 Dalmatian Street.

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Lotte Rice

Welcome Lotte Rice!

We’re very happy to welcome Lotte Rice to Just Voices! She has lots of radio, games and ADR experience and a really wonderful voice.

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Michael Duke Headshot

Welcome Michael Duke!

We welcome the wonderful Michael Duke to the Just Voices family! Michael will be appearing in West Side Story at the Manchester Royal Exchange from 6th April – 25th May.

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Les Miserables BBC emma fielding

Emma Fielding in BBC’s Les Miserables

Tune into Les Miserables on Sunday evenings at 9 pm to see our wonderful Emma Fielding as Nicolette. There won’t be any singing, but plenty of grit and drama – perfect for a Sunday night in! Catch up, here.

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