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‘Coop Troop’ with Beth Chalmers and Claire Morgan

Posted on 18th September 2023

Beth Chalmers and Claire Morgan lend their vocal talents to the funny, fast and farcical, ‘Coop Troop,’ which features a gang of five unlikely heroes eager to escape their dull farm life, on a mission to help any animal with a problem. With the Coop Troop, satisfaction is always (eventually) guaranteed.

Watch the trailer now here:

COOP TROOP is Sixteen South’s first show for an older age group (6 – 11) and its first CGI animated series. It features the entertaining exploits of a gang of five unlikely heroes: hyperactive rabbit Maggie, eccentric inventor Flo the chicken, bon vivant swine Clive, excitable lamb Billy and enigmatic egg, Jo d’Oeuf. Thirsty for adventure to escape their mundane farm life, The Coop Troop’s mission is to help any animal with a problem – and they’re kept very busy by the precious, pampered pets of neighbouring town, Animauville.

A co-production with Mikros Animation IP along with and Tencent Video, the series received funding from the UK Global Screen Fund with support from the BFI, Northern Ireland Screen, the CNC and Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Created by Colin Williams and Alex T. Smith.

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