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Kezia Burrows and Ben Keenan in ‘Beckoning’

Posted on 8th November 2022

An epic, pioneering, masterful proof of concept trailer for the film ‘Beckoning’ with Just Voices’ Kezia Burrows and Ben Keenan.

BECKONING is out and alive in the ether!

Watch now here.

After a spaceship mistakenly travels back in time and crash-lands on medieval Earth, a group of astronauts struggle to survive a witch-hunt led by inquisition knights. BECKONING is a proof of concept for a feature length animated film. It is “The Revenant” meets “Lost in Space”. A dark and gritty story aimed at mature audiences, set in a clash of eras where the future meets the past.

This proof of concept film wouldn’t be possible without the support from #EpicMegagrants and AMD. Take a look at how their combined development of real-time rendering in Unreal Engine is helping to empower filmmakers.

Produced, Written and Directed by – Sava Zivkovic
Art Director – Milan Nikolic
Starring – Kezia Burrows
Casting Director – Krisitna Ederly
Concept Art – Milan Nikolic, Uros Sljivic, Pang Mou, Alberto Petronio
Lead Character Artist – Antonio Esparza
Character Artist – Jesus Montesinos
Environment Artist – Mihailo Radosevic
Procedural Environment TD – HYDRA Studios
Lead Rigging Artist – Lucas Salamon
CFX Artist – Diego Conte
Motion Capture and Animation – Take One
Motion capture performance – Kezia Burrows, Nebojsa Jez, Dejan Jovanovic
Additional Voice Acting – Ben Keenan
Sound Design, Foley, Sound Editing and Mixing – Marko Zivanovic / Devotion Studios
Music by – Iz Svemira
Color Grading – Nikola MarinkovicSpecial Thanks – Epic Games MegaGrants and AMD.

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