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Alec Newman in ‘The First Descendant’ – OUT NOW

Posted on 2nd July 2024

RELEASED TODAY! – Alec Newman voices the roles of Deslin, Soldier Graham and Dreadful Creep in ‘The First Descendant’ which is out now on various platforms.

Alec is best know for his TV roles in Showtrial, Shetland, The Last Kingdom and Dune. He has also voiced many video games and is one of our most experienced artists.

‘The First Descendant’ is a Free-to-Play, third-person co-op, action RPG shooter, developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Become a Descendant. Fight for the survival of humanity. Descendants have unique abilities to tackle both solo and co-op missions. Up to 4 players use varied mechanics to defeat giant bosses. BE THE FIRST DESCENDANT!


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